NONA Peony Knit Pants Black

Peony knit pants is our new girl in peony knit edition. This Terracotta colorway is a good set with our Peony Knit Collection

Material : Knit

Size & Measurements:
All size fit to XL | Length (Panjang Celana): 97 cm | Waist (Lingkar Pinggang): 105 cm | Hip (Lingkar Pinggul):116 cm

Model is 172 cm

How To Take Care Of Your Knitwear:

- Pay attention to your storage. Do not hang wool or knit fabric on a hanger.
- Better to hand wash, don't squeeze!
- Highly recommend to flat dry after washing your knitwear. This is to maintain the shape of your knitwear. If you need to remove excess water, scrunch the sweater into a ball and squish it between your hands.